Project acronym: LIVERHOPE

Project full title: "Simvastatin and Rifaximin as new therapy for patients with decompensated cirrhosis"

Consortium as a whole

The LIVERHOPE consortium includes 16 partners from 7 different European countries with industrial and academic background.

The academic partners contribute by their well-recognized expertise in: epathology; patient care; designing and leading mono-/multicentre trials; development, validation, and performance of advanced biomarker programs; collaboration with health insurances for designing early health-technology assessment; translational orientated infrastructure, including teaching.

The industrial partners will contribute to the project success with their documented expertise in: pharmaceutical and clinical research, drug discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development, systems biology solutions. In particular, Anaxomics has developed proprietary technologies for building and modelling biological networks, along with hand-curated databases that relate adverse events and indications with their molecular effectors. The Therapeutic Performance Mapping System (TPMS) integrates biological, pharmaceutical and medical knowledge into systems biology mathematical models that can explain observed phenotypes and translate the system understanding into actionable results and solutions in drug discovery and clinical setting.
Alfa Wassermann is a large pharmaceutical Group with an Italian heart and an international outlook. More than 60% of Alfa Wassermann’s revenues are generated by products developed in its own research laboratories. Alfa Wassermann is progressively expanding its presence in several countries, particularly in Europe. Rifaximin-α is patented by Alfa Wassermann.
ALTA is a well recognized and experienced company specialized in managing the administrative and practical aspects of EC funded projects. During the FP7, ALTA has been involved as partner for management and dissemination activities in 14 research collaborative projects (Theme: Health), 1 IMI project, 1 project for the benefit of SMEs, several projects of the people programme. In H2020 ALTA is involved in 4 PHC project, 1 CSA and several ITN projects.



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